Bradie Tennell: “When the announcer in Sheffield announced: “Bradie Tennell, USA” I almost burst into tears. Last year, I often thought that I would never hear it again.”

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Bradie Tennell about skating at the Grand Prix in British Sheffield and her new programs.

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This was her first performance after a year brake.

Bradie Tennell: I’m so happy to be back. You know how many times over the past year I’ve sat in my room worrying that I’m not competing.

We still do not know what happened to my leg then – no one has given a diagnosis. It’s pretty frustrating because I had to miss a whole year because of that. I didn’t skate for 4 months.

The last month has not been easy. Both mentally and physically. I had to withdraw from several competitions at the beginning of the season. Especially it was a pity to miss the Japan Open. But I injured my ankle again, two days before flying to Japan.

I was scared. I have been preparing to return for so long and it turned out that I had to take a break, without really getting on the competitive ice. There were all sorts of thoughts, there was a feeling that I could not break out of the vicious circle of failures. I had to pull myself together, to understand that this was just a small hitch, and not a defeat.

But I went on the ice in Sheffield, the announcer announced: “Bradie Tennell, USA” and I almost burst into tears. Last year, I often thought that I would never hear it again. And for me it is important to represent my country, doing what I love. So now I just live a day. Step by step. Most importantly, I’m back. I am proud that I did not give up, that I am here, and I have overcome circumstances.

I gave everything I could but it just isn’t enough yet. I need to get in shape, I need to get stronger. But I’m a perfectionist and I’m not afraid of routine work. I like to do the same things on the ice day after day. This is my favorite thing, and I am very lucky that I have the opportunity to do it at such a level.

It’s a great happiness that I was able to return at all.

About her new programs

Bradie Tennell: This short program is perhaps the most beloved of my entire career (Tennell skates to Restrictus by Swiss composer Mario Batkovic). For me, this is a new image – I have never skated like this. This is my program from last season, which I could not show anywhere. It means a lot to me.

When I put on a costume for a short before the start, I almost burst into tears. Because I looked at it in the closet for a year and thought that I would give anything in the world to wear it on the ice. It was like I lost a part of myself then. And now I have found it, even though I have never skated so badly, probably never in my life.

And the free program is the idea of Benoit Richaud. But I have long dreamed of skating to The Seasons. A couple of seasons ago, we almost chose Vivaldi for the program, but we decided to wait, which I am very happy about. I grew up to this music.

And the story of the program is this: at the beginning I am a statue in the garden, kneeling like Rodin’s “Thinker”. But I have to come to life and save the planet from global warming. My task is to put the world in order.

Benoit came up with the idea to add quotes from Greta Thunberg to the music. When he told about it, I immediately liked the idea. Although I could not help but note that only Richaud could come up with such a thing. But I’m used to the fact that he knows what he’s doing, I trust him. If he offers something, it usually works. He is a genius.

For me, climate change issues are very important, ecology is a topic that I devote a lot of time to. Well I’m the main environmental maniac at home – sorting garbage, watching it all. It’s great that I can use my profession to draw attention to such important topics.

No, Greta hasn’t contacted me yet, but it would be cool to meet her. She’s a great, I admire her. The moment when her words “How dare you” sound in the program is my favorite.



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