Bobrova and Soloviev in Grand-prix Final

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The situation in Russian ice dance has been interesting and quite dramatic for the last and this seasons. The pairs are fighting for title of the pair No. 1 in Russia, and for the perks they will get with this title, such as support of the Federation during the competition. The Federation otherwise hope to make a right choice of the two pairs who will skate at World Championship and who will return three spots. That is why for Russian dances every start is important.

Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev are the most experienced Russian duo, who have been skating together for years, which is a big advantage. But they missed the previous season, the Olympic season wasn’t successful for them too, Dmitri’s injury also adds some uncertainty in the eyes of the Federation. So, they needed to try really hard at the beginning of the season to show that they are still the best choice for the Russian figure skating Federation.

Boborova Soloviev NHK Trophy 2015

The start at Canada definitely can’t be called as a good one but they have improved since that. At NHK Trophy they looked pretty strong technically in the short dance. But the dance… a bit tasteless. The cut of such famous music is just awful. Ekaterina skates the waltz like she is a witch at the shabash….and for unknown reason wears a curtain. So, I’m not surprised they lost to Hubbell – Donohue who has one of the best short dances of the season.

Bobrova Soloviev 2015

On the contrary the free dance is beautiful! Great choice of characters. The story is sad and dramatic but they managed to avoid this in their dance. It’s a mature, deep and sensual dance for a mature duo. That’s really good choice that allows Ekaterina and Dmitri to look good comparing not only with other Russian teams but also comparing with world leaders.

With such result of the NHK Trophy they get in to the grand-prix final where they will be the only Russian ice dance team.



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