Bobrova and Soloviev: a book about us would be very exciting

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Interview with Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev.

I looked the statistics and found out that now you have the same number of Russian Champions titles with Lyudmila Pakhomova and Alexander Gorshkov. Six-time were only they. Do you feel that you’re also a heroes of your era in ice dance?

Ekaterina: If we only had all Pakhomova and Gorshkov’s titles.

Dmitri: Russian Nationals always was a very important competition for us. When it finishes with a victory it’s always nice, but I immediately start to think of what will happen next, European and World Championships. Thoughts about programs for the next season. So I can’t say that I strongly focus on this stage. Of course, the title of Russian Champions it’s an important and nice gift for New Year holidays for our parents, relatives, for the fans, for ourselves. But thoughts already run forward.

When you started skating together as children, have you dreamed of six national titles?

Ekaterina: When I was little, I dreamed to get a Candidate Master of Sports (a degree in Russian sporting awards scale) and that’s all, but I became a Honored Master of sports. Perhaps we shouldn’t be afraid of our desires, after our lets say adventure-problems we just want to enjoy performances and give this pleasure to people. Twice it was so that we almost finished our career, but then came an idea that we want to skate. I just recently realized the meaning of my existence on the ice, it’s to give joy and happiness to the people with my skating.

Katya, what was before? The race for medals?

Ekaterina: Yes. Scores, why small, why we lose and so on. And now before the competition in my head is only the desire to give pleasure to the coaches. To please the audience, relatives and friends. Also the joy of first place is a bigger, when you do not think about it before the competitions.

Dmitri: We just started to have a more philosophical approach to everything. Not only to sports, but in general to life. The age of skater is not so long, the years began to fly very fast. I want to do everything, not in terms of to win, just to show everyone everything we’re capable of.

Dmitri, turns out it was impossible to get this philosophy by self-suggestion? It had to happened?

Dmitri: Of course. Everything has changed in my mind. Thanks to the difficulties that we had to overcome. They gave time to rethink everything.

Ekaterina: I would like to add that we have a very interesting career. Books are written about Olympic Champions, World Champions, but I think if someone write a book about us, it’ll be very exciting.

It seems to me that with such an attitude you shouldn’t think at all how long will last your career. Just enjoy.

Ekaterina: Honestly, I’ve already told everyone, God blesses everything will go well and we will go through all competitions, including the Olympics in 2018 and possibly post-Olympic World Championships and then I’m going to have children. But only God knows what will happen!

Dmitri: Of course I support Katya.

Tatiana Navka returned after giving birth and became Olympic champion.

Dmitri: Let’s not plan for so far. But now I don’t want to think about retirement. We have already had so many thoughts about this so I just want to live without them.


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