Betina Popova: “It is very sad that the pattern was removed. Without it you can design the program in such a way to show that people can skate when they really can’t.”

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Betina Popova shared her opinion about the new ISU rules for ice dancers.

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Betina Popova: New choreographic elements always raise a lot of questions at the beginning of the season (ISU allowed Choreographic Assisted Jumps in the free dance – ed.). It was the same with the choreo sliding movement – in the first half of the season many did not even understand how to judge it, what criteria. Now everyone understands.

There will probably be some controversial moments in the first season, but in general, regarding these jumps, I don’t think that this will be a big innovation in ice dance. Athletes have already performed a series of jumps at the entrances or exits from lifts. I mean, a lot of people have already seen it. It’s just an opportunity to enrich the dances a little with interesting elements, an opportunity to step a little forward.

It is very sad that the pattern was removed from senior dances. This is the basis of ice dances. Where they actually started.

Pattern is an opportunity for judges to see the ice coverage, to see the skating skills.

When there is no such thing you can play with the rules and design the program for yourself in such a way as to hide some of your shortcomings. Show that people can skate when they really can’t.


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