Best dresses from ISU JGP St. Gervais | ladies short program

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Congratulations! We’ve survived the off season. First junior grand-prix started yesterday and I can’t wait to share impressions of the costumes!

Unfortunately, there are no photos of the ladies short program in good quality( So, I’m sorry for pictures of such poor quality. If someone has a better photos, please let me know.

Before I start, I want to make some general notes about costumes.Ladies, most of you are 13-15 years old, it’s an age of active growth.

  1. Please take that into consideration, when you’re sewing your dresses in summer. Short skirts are great and show your long beautiful legs, but too short skirt don’t look that beautiful……it looks like you grew out of your dress.
  2. Please think of appropriate underwear for your dress. It shouldn’t be visible! Wrong choice of underwear can spoil even the most gorgeous dress!

And now list of best dresses from the ladies short program at JGP in St. Gervais 2016:

Alina SUPONENKO (Belarus)


I’ve seen a lot of red&black dresses, and usually they look too predictable) I like laconism of this design, and how black mesh covers the bodice of the dress. I also like a translucent sleeves, arms look more neatly and accurate.

Charlotte VANDERSARREN (Belgium)


When else you can wear such a girlish pink dress if not in juniors? So girls, catch the moment! Lovely dress, with interesting rhinestones’ finishing. I also like that they used translucent mesh in tone to the dress. Dress reminds me some of Brad Griffies’ designs) And I extremely like to see a not covered white skates!

Olivia GRAN (Canada)

Olivia GRAN

Lovely classical dress. Beautiful color, such blue shade gives some nobility. Refined flowery applique, I also like dresses with the sleeves)

Emmi PELTONEN (Finland)


Such red laces on nude illusion mesh seem to become a classic of figure skating fashion) But I still like it. I think it’s better to have ordinary, but nice dress that suits you than something too creative (oh, some costumes at this jgp were too creative :)

Federica MAGNIFICO (Switzerland)


One of my favorite dresses from this competition! Simply, laconic, elegant and chic! Loved it. You don’t need a ton of sequins and kilometer of ruffles to look gorgeous.



Another my favorite dress from this event) It makes me nostalgic of Sasha Cohen’s era. Alexia looks like an ice princess. Moderate amount of rhinestones, interesting choice of color shade – gray-blue, no nude illusion, totally age appropriate – love this dress. Maybe just the skirt could have been a little longer, but maybe she grew up a little bit since last fitting.



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4 Responses to “Best dresses from ISU JGP St. Gervais | ladies short program”

  1. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    Paganini looks fabulous! Like a fairy Queen!

  2. Crabe93 says:

    Paganini’s and Magnifico’s dresses are si classy !!! Thanks for all your interesting articles:)

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