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Here is my list of best costumes for the short dance (waltz) at ISU JGP in Zagreb. Someone we have already seen, but why not to admit that their costume is really beautiful one more time.

Emilia Kalehanava and Uladzislau Palkhouski (Belarus)

Emilia Kalehanava and Uladzislau Palkhouski

I really liked this a bit retro dress of fuchsia shade. It so cute! Love the shape of sleeves. White flower applique fits perfectly to the style and looks sophisticated. I wish they have think of something more interesting for Uladzislau. Something not to so formal would’ve been better.

Gigi Becker and Luca Becker (USA)

Gigi Becker and Luca Becker

Dark blue with gold is on of the best color combination for a dramatic waltz. Dark blue looks noble and good on ice and suits almost for everyone. I would say a win-win combination. It’s one of the rare cases when I liked more the male costume. It’s a difficult costume with lots of details, but very well done and completely in style!

Darya Popova and Volodymyr Nakisko (Ukraine)

Darya Popova and Volodymyr NakiskoI have already discussed this costumes here. Great male full-uniform, dark green is a perfect choice (not so dark and dramatic) and minty for the dress is also great choice for a young girl. I also like that they haven’t made a historical dress for Darya, this silhouette is better for figure skating realities. But I still insist on removing of this necklace.

Sandrine Hofstetter and Benjamin Steffan (Germany)

Sadrine Hofstetter and Benjamin Steffan

I fell in love with this Nelli Zhiganshina’s emerald dress form the first sight! It’s just luxurious! So, I’m really happy that this dress has a chance to shine again! And It looks stunning on Sandrine! This dress is also looks different in combination with simple grey trousers and a shirt of her partner.

Rachel Parsons and Michael Parsons (USA)

Rachel Parsons and Michael Parsons

The costumes of exquisite beauty! Perfect choice! Perfect combination of colors. A lot of decor and sequence but everything is done with lots of taste. And I like that it’s really a ball gowns and not a usual blue Cinderella’s dress.

See who was the most stylish among ice dancers at ISU JGP in Torun.

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