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Here’re my list of best costumes from junior ladies competition at ISU JGP in Logrono. See who was the most fashionable.

Fruzsina Medgyesi (Hungary)

Fruzsina Medgyesi

I like the color pallet of the dress, it’s quite unusual combination of shades for figure skating. I also like the silhouette and its simplicity. It would have been an amazing dress if they had chosen a nude illusion mesh that fits Fruzsina’s skin tone and a different tights. But it definitely was a good try.

Kailani Craine (Australia)

Kailani CraineI like the idea for this Juliet’s dress. From the first look you can say that it will be a Juliet. It has historical notes, such as ribbon on the waist and sleeves. I also like that they didn’t choose a traditional for Romeo and Juliet program red+gold or blue+silver combination of colors. White ad silver looks great for a young girl.

Tessa Hong (USA)

Tessa Hong

I like the combination of noble gray. The skirt look great in motion. This dress is also a good example of well chosen nude illusion mesh. I also like the balance, decorated bodice with monochromatic skirt.

So Hyun An (Korea)

So Hyun An

I really like this dress! Great combination of bright monochromatic skirt and striped bodice. Translucent parts add some charm to the skirt during spins and moves. I like the silhouette with the high waistline, look good with such pattern on the bodice. And that’s one of the rare times when I liked the gloves, they are totally in style and also work for the character. What I also like that this costume is totally age appropriate for the junior skater.

Yura Matsuda (Japan)

Yura Matsuda

Usually I’m not a fan of such complicated designs for figure skating costumes. But this dress is really amazing and made with taste. I like the asymmetry, it always look interesting in motion. The feathers look so delicate, and my favorite part of the dress is baby-blue feathers on the one side of the skirt. The whole image is fantastic!

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