Best dresses from ISU JGP in Colorado Springs | ladies short program

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Here is my chart of best dresses from third ISU junior grand prix. So, who was the most stylish among ladies? I want discuss dresses for the short program.

Emy Decelles (Canada)

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I like her simple dress. Stylish and spicy enough, but still age appropriate. Beautiful silhouette and nothing excess.

Anni Jarvenpaa (Finland)


Great choice for a junior skater. Tender color, simple cut without all those “passionate” details. Perfect match to the program. And a thin belt is a great accessory!

Gabriella Vinokur (Israel)


Charming dress! Love the idea and an execution. Nice choice of colors and appropriate accessories. Good example when the dress works perfectly for the program and character.

Na Hyun Kim (Korea)


Spectacular dress! Love the combination of black and deep green. Nice finishing with rhinestones. The dress is also look good in motion and look expensive.

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