Best dresses from ISU JGP Czech Skate | ladies short program

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I continue to analyze costumes at junior grand prix. This week we have JGP in Ostrava, so here’s my list of best dresses from ladies short program.

Amanda STAN (Romania)

Amanda Stan

I think it’s a good example of nice costume for the program to Avatar. The movie can be easily guessed by the bright blue colour and blue gloves, and there was no need to wear strange jumpsuit like many did before)  Really nice choice.

Bronislava DOBIASOVA (Slovakia)

Bronislava DOBIASOVA

You have to been a brave girl to wear white dress for your competition program. You won’t have significant contrast with ice and we all know that white ‘adds’ some extra kilos. But I really liked Bronislava’s dress. It’s simple and laconic, but tender and feminine. Someone may say that it’s more a nightgown rather than a dress, but nightgowns are still a trend in figure skating fashion and it really suits her and doesn’t distract from her beauty.

Heloise PITOT (France)

Heloise PITOT

When I watch junior grand-prix I expect to see a lot of cute, playful dresses. Because it’s exactly the time when you can wear such dresses and don’t look weird. Lovely polka dot dress with rose underskirt. Great effect in motion!

Lutricia BOCK (Germany)

Lutricia BOCK

Beautiful and so girlish dress! This light blue shade suits Lutricia a lot. She look very delicate and graceful. Flowers may look a bit too much on close looks, but from the distance dress looks great. Love the semi-translucent sleeves, arms always look more refined in dresses with skinny sleeves. Love the dress, hate the tights( Such tender and light dress will look much better with opened white boots.

Alisa LOZKO (Russia)

ALisa Lozko

Nice dress to the black swan motives. Not tutu, so it looks more modern and not that classical. Again, love the sleeves, in this program work of the arms is very important and needs to be highlighted. But seriously, those tights spoil the impression(

Anastasiia GUBANOVA (Russia)

Anastasiia Gubanova

This pale green shade definatly can be called the color of ladies short program in Ostrava) A lot of girls chose it for their dresses. And I do understand them – beautiful shade and really suitable for young girls! Anastasiia’s dress has a laconic design and moderate amount of sequins. Lovely dress that doesn’t distract from her skating, wise choice, when you have such impressive skating and you’re so good in the second mark)

Yuna AOKI (Japan)

Yuna Aoki

I think this is my favorite dress from the short program at this event. Delicate, tender and totally age appropriate. Lovely pale green color, tiny silver finishing on the bodice, no distracting details, nicely opend back. Great choice for this program and for a young girl.


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