Best dress of the event | Skate America 2015

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While men at Skate America was shoking me with the creativity of some their costumes ladies were really good. But to chose the best dress among ladies wasn’t hard. I loved it from the first sight! Of course I’m talking about Evgenia Medvedeva dress for the free program.


Amazing dress! Simple but stunning. Perfect choice of color for this program. Blue with a shade of gray looks not too dramatic but completely reflects the mood of the music. This color in combination with a simple cut not only does not distract from Evgeni’s skating but also highlight her moves and choreo. I even like the gloves!

And what I like the most about this dress is that it’s totally suitable for a young girl, that they haven’t made her look older. Pity that so many skaters during creating their costumes forget that costumes should be age appropriate.

It was is a serious bid  from Evgenia Medvedeva for a high place in my annual trendy rating! 

See who got in to the list of the best dressed ladies last season. 

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