Best costumes: men’s short program

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Talking about men’s costumes in figure skating I always emphasise that for me the masculinity is very important. Yes, figure skating costume is almost a theatrical costume, but guys please leave feathers, ruffles and laces for girls) The men should look like a men! But the costume also shouldn’t look like pajamas or training clothes (sorry Max).

Here’s my top-5 best costumes from the men’s short program at World Championships 2016.

5. Patrick Chan

Patrick Chan

Patrick has never been a fan creative costumes with lots of finishing and I’m really grateful him for this. I like his casual look and moderate combination of colors. Usually, I like waistcoats in men’s costumes, but this one is good for the whole costume idea, but actually doesn’t suit Patrick a lot. It hides his torso (sorry I can’t forgive this :) ) Also I like this variant more than his previous one with a sweater. But still nice suit and it’s good to see Patrick wearing something light.

4. Adam Rippon

Adam Rippon

Usually, I’m not a fan of translucent super tight shirts and tons of Swarovski crystals, but I can’t help mentioning Adam in my fashion top. Maybe, his costume is not in my taste, but he looked fabulous! It was his moment and he shined like a star. It’s a memorable costume and Adam totally can afford to wear such tight shirt and pants, he’s really in great shape.

And the back is just amazes my imagination!

Adam Rippon

3. Yuzuru Hanyu

Yuzuru Hanyu

I’ve discussed this costume here. Great choice for this classic Chopin music. Romantic. There is something from divinity of Renaissance in this combination of sky-blue and gold colors. And it’s a perfect choice for this music and program. The wide sleeves look great in motion and gives some smoothness to the arms’ movements. I also like the belt – sophisticated accessory and lovely way to combine the romantic shirt and laconic black trousers.

2. Michal Brezina

Michal Brezina

I also had already discussed this suit here. It was one of my favorite costumes of this season (not only in the short program and not only in men’s skating). Michal is a great example of my conviction that a man in a tailcoat is damn handsome and damn hot! He has chic and expensive look. He looks elegant, but due to untied bow tie not so formal. Great choice for this program!

1.Javier Fernandez

Javier Fernandez

During the whole season Javier has been one of my favorites to win the fashion ranking. So, I’ve discussed his costume many times (for example here) and many times I called this costume  the best. There is always a risk with costumes for the Spanish program – to make another torero costume, or another not memorable red and black something) But Javier’s designer coped with the task greatly! The costume has expensive look but it’s not overdone and nor theatrical. And of course the correct proportions. Correct proportions (for each particular skater) are keys to a successful costume.


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