Benoit Richaud: “I tried to create programs that would highlight Bradie’s and Adam’s individuality more than my own style.”

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Translation of Benoit Richaud’s comment about doing choregraphy for Bradie Tennell and Adam Siao Him Fa.

original source: dd. 30th October 2023 by Junichi Shiratori

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Here’s a translation of Benoit Richaud’s comments about working with Bradie Tennell and Adam Siao Him Fa made in an interview with Japanese journalist and posted on Web Sportiva

Q: Last season, you were responsible for choreographing for Bradie Tennell (ladies’ singles, USA), who made a comeback from injury and finished second at the US Nationals. On the other hand, Adam Siao Him Fa (men’s singles, France) achieved outstanding results, winning the 2022 French Grand Prix and the European Championships.

Benoit Richaud: It’s thanks to the support in choreography that both of them achieved good results, I think (laughs). I deeply understand the personalities and individuality of both Adam and Bradie, so I tried to create programs that would highlight their ‘individuality’ more than my own style. By thinking about ‘what, when, and how to execute’ to achieve good results and executing meticulous plans, I believe that both athletes’ excellent results were achieved.”


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