Battle of Peter Tchernyshev’s dances

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The battle for the pedestal in ice dance at Skate Canada was so exiting! Nothing has changed in ranking after the short but the rutine was so great!

Ekaterina Bobrova & Dmitri Soloviev showed a beautiful Russian drama to Anna Karenina OST.  I thought with such music it difficult to win but actually it was a great choice. The music creates needed mood and has the nerve and shade of anxiety. The dance is gorgeous and what I like it’s moderate. No Russian overdrama! Is a dance for a mature couple. Loved it! Great costumes also. But some issues with the tech.

I was waiting for so long for such dance and such skate from Maia and Alex Shibutani! It was breathtaking! I was definetly a right decision for them to try to work with different choreographer. Last seson Peter Tchernyshev created great exhibition number for them, so I was confident about quality of this free dance. But in reality it even exceeded my expectations! This dance brings something new into Shibutani’s skating. And what happened to Alex? He’s…..different now……and I like it a lot! Eventually they found spice and sexuality! Go Shibs!

Free dance of Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje is also created by Peter Tchernyshev. Good work very well executed. And an inspired performance! What I really like is that this dance is completely different to their previous one. But honestly, I prefere the Shibutani more. For me Maia and Alex were better in the short, quite equal with Weaver and Poje in free, so overall Shibutani were better. But second pair can’t beat the clean first, no matter how good they have skated…..stupid ice dancing customs!

See the new short dance of Weaver and Poje presented at Skate Canada

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