Banquet at Worlds. [photos]

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I always so excited about photos from the banquet after the competition. Really want to see everyone in such informal atmosphere and well dressed! Here’re some photos that I’ve found.

Team Canada! Kaitlyn and Andrew are so gorgeous! I also like Patrick’s shirt!

team Canada

Another beautiful couple Madison Hubbell – Zachary Donohue

Hubblle Donohue

Gabriella Papadakis – Guillaume Cizeron

Papadakis Cizeron

Two great pair skaters – Aljona Savchenko and Lubov Iliushechkina

Aljona Savchenko, Lubov Iliushechkina

Javier Fernandez, Ashley Wagner and Adam Rippon. Ashley looks damn hot!

Ashley Wagner, Adam Rippon, Javier Fernandez

Girls prefer little black dresses) Maia Shibutani and Zijun Li:

Maia Shibutani, Zijun Li

Maia and Mao. Also in black)

Mao Asada, Maia Shibutani

Zachary Donohue and Alexandra Nazarova:

Alexandra Nazarova, Zachary Donohue

Extremely hot Mae Berenice Meite, Guillaume Cizeron and Vanessa James:

Mae Berenic Maite, Vanessa James

Bond. James Bond) Gabriella and Luca:

Gabriella Papadakis Luca Lanotte

Gracie and Zijun:

Gracie Gold, Zijun Li

Misha Ge, as always more than just stylish:

Misha Ge

Retro-party. Misha Ge, Piper Gilles and Madison Chock:

Madison Chock, Piper Gilles, Misha Ge

Nikita gangster Katsalapov with two blondes – Elena Radionova and Victoria Sinitsina:

Elena Radionova, Nikita Katsalapov, Victoria Sinitsina

Anna Pogorilaya:

Anna Pogorilaya

Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov:

Evgenia Tarasova Vladimir Morozov

Ksenia Stolbova, Fedor Klimov and Mikhail Kolyada

Stolbova Klimov, Kolyada

Evegenia Medvedeva, Piper Gilles and Anna Pogorilaya:

Elena Radionova and Yuzuru Hanyu:

Yuzuru Hanyu

Patrick Chan and Ivan Righini:

Patrick Chan

Hope you enjoyed!


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