“Athletes are being pushed to renounce their own country” Tamara Moskvina about CAS decision

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Tamara Moskvina shared her opinion on the CAS decision to suspend Russia for 2 years from the Olympics and World Championships.

source: russian.rt.com dd. 17th December 2020

photo Sergei Vedyashkin AGN Moskva / news.ru

Tamara Moskvina: All this is very unpleasant. Throughout my active life both sports and coaching, I have participated in the Olympic Games as a member of the national team, representing our country. We do not live in a vacuum or on a desert island.

During many years all the conditions for training are being created for us, so I always taught all my athletes that, going to competitions, they represent not only themselves, but above all the country. Now, it turns out, athletes are being pushed to renounce their own country and thus not to recognize the role of the country in their preparation.

In general, I am deeply indignant that we are being punished so harshly and at the same time they do not take into account violations of anti-doping legislation by athletes from other countries.


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One response to ““Athletes are being pushed to renounce their own country” Tamara Moskvina about CAS decision”

  1. Boba says:

    How about she looks around a bit and sees how many honest athletes have been cheated by Russians throughout the years? But that’s quite impossible for her I presume…

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