“At the age of 14, you cannot give “10” for components.” Evgeni Plushenko about judging at the Russian Cup

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Evgeni Plushenko about judging at the second stage of the Russian Cup.

by Dmitri Kuznetsov for sport-express.ru dd.16th October 2020

Evgeni Plushenko: I’m dissatisfied with the scores in the short program of all three girls (Trusova, Valieva and Usacheva. – ed). At the age of 14, you cannot give “10” for components. This is junior skating, and no matter how beautiful they skate, no matter how beautiful the lines and spins are, this is not 10. Where should they grow further? Some judges have already agreed with me, coaches, the leadership of the federation – that this was a bit wrong. 10 for Valieva – it’s impossible. I understand that the judges wanted to create a safety cushion for the free program. I know these judges, I even know where and whom they coach. But I don’t want to go into specifics.

So why do we make a circus out of figure skating? Why do we specially heat up the opposition. Maybe all that happened is some kind of agreement between some people. But why? Let’s all understand that the time for justice has come. You need to treat everyone equally. I had a substantive conversation, I think they heard me.

It was just a part from the big interview with Evgeni. So more to come)


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3 Responses to ““At the age of 14, you cannot give “10” for components.” Evgeni Plushenko about judging at the Russian Cup”

  1. Renate says:

    This, what Plushi says, is totally right. For this choreography of the Bolero ( a bad plagiat of Plissetskaja’s by the way) and of the presenting of a 14year old girl- 10 -is a joke and nothing else. But Plushi: Such a stupid phrase : Where can they further develop? Nonsense…as you know. With Eteru are only prepuberty girls the winners. The year later…a new one comes and goes. They live not long enough on the ice tu develop further with Eteri. And so they get the 10 with 13… 14. That’s it. They are all flashs.Eteris successful work based only on this fact….behind 1 girl for a year are 3 others also for 1 year. A factory with a choreographer…oi…oi….you can play every music to 1 choreography. This is great art. You must look for such a 2. man.

  2. Carole padrone says:

    I love yveghani pkushenko watching him since he was 15 have all VCR tapes and cried every time he skated. Still watch the tapes and still cry. He is the best. And his skaters are lucky. I’m his biggest fan. Carole from new york

  3. Lala says:

    I can’t wait the whole interview

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