Ashley Wagner. Satine again?

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Ashley Wagner is keeping her free program to Moulin Rouge. She announced it long before but I was hoping that maybe she will change her mind.

In her interview Ashley said that old program will give her more time for technical development, so she can pay more attention to her jumps and combos. From one point of view it sounds reasonable. But according to how Ashley performed at Japan Open, I haven’t seen any improvement in her tech or some new transitions before the jumps, for example.

I don’t have anything against keeping the program for another season if:

  1. The program hasn’t been skated to its potential but totally deserves a chance to be skated clean and with sparkles.
  2. The skater missed half of the season, so he/she hasn’t been skating this program for the whole season.
  3. The program is almost a masterpiece and the skater is totally confident about his position at the international arena and he doesn’t need a breakthrough.
  4. The skater ought to return to his old program because something is really doesn’t go well with his new one.

I think neither of that is Ashley’s situation. The program is great but it already has it moment of shine. I doubt that Wagner can skate it better than at US Nationals last year. And I also don’t see any technical improvement and changes. So, I don’t see any excuses for keeping this program. Of course it’s only my opinion, but I had a bad feeling that judges may think the same way and it will affect Ashley’s components scores.

It’s too late for creating a completely new program, but Wagner and her team need to do something to refresh it. At least I hope for a costume change, it’s the easiest way to do some noticeable changes.

But it will be difficult to think of a better costume, this dress was a 100% hint! It also get to my top of best dresses from 2014-2015 season.

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