Ashley Wagner claims the iron throne

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In her twitter Ashley Wagner announce that she’s going to skate to the Game of Thrones opening credits:

I give up searching for new music. I’m just going to skate to the opening credits of GOT bc that’s basically what I live for.

the source: Ashley Wagner’s twitter

Oh my sweet summer child…….I hope it’s a joke) Or at least it’s a music choice for the SP and not just the music from opening credits. There’re lots of great music by Ramin Djawadi in this show! 

But even if it’s a joke, why not to think of a character to portray. Sorry Ashley, I don’t see you playing Daenerys, even if you dye your hair into silver blonde. But there’re other great storylines and female characters to portray on the ice. Margaery Tyrell, Queen Cersei, Sansa Stark or Melisandre for example:

I think Ashley could be a good Margaery in a sexy dress. But I hope for something more epic! Ashley show us how to rule the kingdom or the power of the fire!)

And I hope for unforgettable fabulous costume!



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