Artur Danielian: “I agreed on surgery without hesitation. After all, I’m only 16 years old, my whole career is ahead”

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Russian and European vice-champion in men’s single skating, 16- year-old Artur Danielian, told about successful ankle surgery in Germany, new programs and current season.

by Anatoli Samokhvalov for dd. 22d October 2020


Arthur, as far as I understand, the surgery in Germany was successful?

Artur Danielian: Yes, that’s right. I wouldn’t say that I feel relief, but I’m glad that the doctors found the true reason of my ankle problem, because I had gone through a sufficient number of doctors and they couldn’t come to agreement, but, thanks to our federation, I was sent for a consultation at Munich. Thank you for helping with visas and flights as well. I flew through Turkey, but they didn’t want to let me into Germany. It was very difficult and at the same time funny to get through passport control, they demanded one paper after another, called the clinic. To get back was also difficult, but physically, since my leg was in a cast, but my sister, who flew with me, and I were lucky – we got three seats on the plane for two and I was able to put my leg comfortably. Now all that remains is to recover.

You started the season almost as planned. Something went wrong?

Artur Danielian: I’ve already got in shape, everything was fine, I was preparing for the test skates, we did a new free program, we kept the short from last season. The leg bothered me, but not so much, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. But the loads were still reduced, then they were removed at all, and then we gained momentum again. I trained in leaps, and at some point severe pain appear. We began to find out what was wrong.

Did the Germans immediately understand what was the matter?

Artur Danielian: Yes. Initially, our federation sent them my MRI scans, they looked and said that they understand this problem, that I need to come and, perhaps, surgery would be needed. We flew to Munich promptly, I was examined by Dr. Schneider, they made a new MRI and sent me to a specialist who did surgeries for many football players and other athletes. He quickly figured out the specifics of my problem and literally in four days I had a surgery. I lay in the hospital for a couple of days and was released.

How is rehabilitation going?

Artur Danielian: Starting next week, it will be necessary to remove one part that fixes the ankle, and I will begin to stretch my leg carefully. We coordinate all actions with German doctors, receive their recommendations, there is no point in speeding up the training process. Of course, I would like to start working on the ice faster.

Do doctors give forecasts for recovery and how serious is the problem now?

Artur Danielian: They said that the problem has been solved, it remains to adhere to the recommendations, and then everything will be fine. There are no specific forecasts yet, it all depends on how soon the leg will get back to normal.

Your sports career is not in danger, right?

Artur Danielian: Not anymore, everything is fine. The coaches asked me if I was ready for surgery or not, I agreed without hesitation. After all, I’m only 16 years old, my whole career is ahead, I want to please and delight all my fans. And even before the visit to Germany there was no critical state, it was just necessary to do something.

Is there a chance you can compete this season?

Artur Danielian: I hope so because I want to show a new free program, new elements that I would like to restore as soon as possible. In general, I hope for the best and I’m sure that everything will be fine. I’m always in touch with the coaches, they support me and are waiting for me to resume work.

Many skaters miss the stages of the Russian Cup for various reasons, apparently, the qualification for the Russian Nationals will not be very strict. Do you dream to recover by December?

Artur Danielian: I will do my best, my coaches, my doctors, as well as German doctors will help me in this, and my leg, which, I hope, will go through a quick rehabilitation without any problems.

Tell us about the new free program.

Artur Danielian: This is “Scheherazade” choreographed by Nikita Mikhailov, the program have three musical parts. The music is very cool, the program is pompous, the costume is awesome! It remains only to go to the competitions and show it.

Do you follow figure skating of the current season?

Artur Danielian: I follow everyone, sometimes even with tears.

Even so?

Artur Danielian: A little. I shed two tears before the September test skates, at which I was as a spectator, because I was preparing for them as an athlete, I was ready to perform, but a couple of weeks before I had to withdraw because of my leg. Then I decided that the situation was not the end of the world, there was no need for tears, everything would be fine.

Who do you admire this season?

Artur Danielian: I’m very happy for Misha Kolyada, he returned and skated both of his excellent programs very cool. The rest of the guys also made progress, they all grew up. Good luck to everyone and get along without injuries! The girls have such a fight now that it is even impossible to single out someone, and not everyone has performed at the competitions yet. We should wait for the Russian Nationals, when everyone is at their peak and can show their maximum.

Sasha Trusova won the stage of the Russian Cup in Moscow, showed a quadruple loop in training.

Artur Danielian: Sasha, it seems to me, improved in skating and showed new programs for herself and the audience. Unusual. Especially the short program. In general, it seems to me that all the girls who have already performed, show almost optimal shape and good skating with a decent presentation of programs and emotions.

Is it surprising that the skaters managed to recover so quickly, despite the pause due to the coronavirus pandemic?

Artur Danielian: No, it’s not surprising, after all, we all trained every day, albeit not on the ice. We managed to keep shape, and then it was only a matter of small things – to break into new boots, achieve proper coordination and enter the competition. In the meantime, I want to say thank you to all my fans – for their support, for waiting for me. I hope that after this interview the situation will become clearer to them and they will not worry about me so much. I would like to thank my coaches – Elena Germanovna (Buyanova), Marina Leonidovna (Selitskaya), Alexander Sergeevich Uspensky, Maxim Igorevich Zavozin, Irina Anvarovna (Tagaeva), our federation for their worries, for their help and everyone, everyone, everyone. Time is very precious now, everything must be done quickly.


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