Anna Yanovskaya found a new partner

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This off-season in Russian ice dance has started quite dramatically. Another promising duo parted. Sergei Mozgov decided to skate with Betina Popova. He didn’t tell much about real reasons of his decision, just some vague wording (you can read his short interview here). Anna Yanovskaya took the position – “I haven’t knew anything, it was completely shocking and unpredictable” (her interview is here).

Today appeared some new information about Anna. She moved to Irina Zhuk’s group (coach of Stepanova / Bukin) and she found a new partner. Anna Yanovskaya will skate with Ivan Guryanov from CSKA and Irina Zhuk will be their coach. Guryanov is 21 years old, in the season 2012/13 he performed in ice dance with Elizaveta Solovieva.

Anna trains with us, she has created a duo with Ivan Guryanov, who was training in CSKA as “single skater”, and then has worked for three years in France with Marina Anissina, but hasn’t performed much at competitions. They have created a duo before moving to our group. We have watched them together and decided to take. They look good, it’s clear that partner is weaker in technique than Anna, because he hasn’t skated at such level. But he slowly improves, let’s see how things will go on. We can’t promise anything yet.

Ivan is a tall guy, probably about 190 centimeters. We don’t know whether they will compete this season. Of course, we won’t take part at test skates in September, because we won’t have time to prepare them adequately and we don’t want to show then unready. But they have on whom to watch, Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin skate near them. – Irina Zhuk told.

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I alos found some video of Ivan Guryanov / Elizaveta Solovieva, too bat it pretty old(

Is it really the best option Anna could find? Yes, she’s tall girl and it makes it difficult to find a new partner, but maybe she should have tried to look for a partner overseas? Because I don’t see any good perspectives in such collaboration….Anyway good luck!

But he’s handsome, so they surely will be a beautiful pair!

And still no news about Yuri Vlasenko (



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  1. nana23kids says:

    He is still in Conneticut with Denis Petukhov looking for an american girl.

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