Anna Tsareva: Pogorilaya’s approach to work is no longer childish

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Anna Tsareva told about Anna Pogorilaya’s preparation for the season, new programs and attitude to trainings.

A.T.: Preparation for the season went according to plan. There were no unexpected situations. Calm and smooth preparation. We planned to improve jumping technique to be more consistant this season. In the short program we moved two jumps into the second half. We’ll also try to move another triple-triple combination into the second part of free program. But let’s see how it will turn out at the test skates.

As for the new programs, the short program is choreographed by Misha Ge, free program by  Nikolai Morozov. We really enjoy working with different choreographers. We adhere to the view that there may be many choreographers. It’s so interesting to try something new, learn, pick up new trends and ideas.

Anna’s short program is tango from the movie “Scent of a Woman”. Free program consists of three different parts taken from completely different compositions, but they are logically connected. You’ll see it at the test skates. The topic of the program is dramatic.

I really like that in recent months Anna has changed. Her approach to work is no longer childish, but serious. She do everything thoughtfully, she clearly knows what she needs. Awareness appeared, therefore trainings became quieter and more efficient.



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