Anna Shcherbakova: “We have a lot of high-level skaters, so you have to constantly prove your place”

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Anna Shcherbakova about her performance at the GP Gran Premio D’Italia and her dress for the free program.

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About the short program

Anna Shcherbakova: Of course, I’m not happy with the performance, I made a big mistake on the most expensive jumping element – combination. I didn’t do them in training, everything was fine there. This is not a technical mistake, but rather something in my head. I usually get nervous at competitions, I was thinking too much. When you do a combination with a loop, you just have to go and do it. And today I thought too much.

Why didn’t the loop combination work out? As Eteri Georgievna told me, I think too much. This combination is so worked out in training that I can do it from any position. I need to go and do it, but I thought too much. Maybe I wanted to do it better then I could. I jumped a double toe loop, just not to be left without a combination. I wanted to jump a loop, but something didn’t work out on the landing, so I added a toe loop so as not to lose a lot of points. There was no time to think about it.

I was very proud at the end of last season, it gave me more confidence. Now I didn’t think about what happened before, new season – new competitions.

I remember very well how I performed here at the Grand Prix Final. Yesterday I just thought that I remember my feelings then, and I understand that I have changed a lot, I became more confident. I got used to international competitions, then I was more nervous even in regular training. Now everything is more calm. When you walk along the corridors, in the warm-up room – everything seems to be familiar, it is pleasant to remember these moments.

We have a lot of high-level skaters, so you have to constantly prove your place. You cannot say that you are a leader. And in this respect I am in the same position.


About the free program

Anna Shcherbakova: Today I am satisfied with my program, not like in the short program. But this is not my maximum, I will try to show even better skating at the next competitions. I had problems with injuries, but this is a common story for an athlete. I’m fine now.

In trainings at Khrustalny, we practiced flip. Here I already felt great, I even wanted to add lutz, but we decided with the coaches that for now we will focus on a confident flip.

I try to get better every day. Now I will prepare for other competitions. I need to work on a short program because I didn’t like what happened there.


About injuries

Anna Shcherbakova: I had some injuries. But this is usual, every athlete has faced injuries. The main thing is that now my health is fine. I work, train without any problems. And I am happy that I was able to perform a quadruple in my program. This was my main goal for this event.


About the dress for the free program

Anna Shcherbakova: Designer – Olga Ryabenko, the same designer who made all my previous dresses. The previous dress was made very quickly for the competitions. Probably, we did not work out all the moments so that everyone would like it. We worked more on this dress, everyone expressed their opinion. And I personally like this dress much more. I myself said what I like best, and the combination of colors. In general, we gave this dress more attention. Let’s see, maybe some little things will be finalized.



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