Anna Shcherbakova: “On vacations, in any free half-day I came to Khrustalny and trained.”

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Anna Shcherbakova about first trainings after vacation, shows and communication with other athletes.

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How was your vacation?

Anna Shcherbakova: After the end of all the shows, we had a lot of time to just recover, relax. I used this time on maximum: I rested, while I was still preparing for the exams.

Then I came to Moscow and had a lot of things to do, every day was scheduled – this is also unusual for me, because I realized that I feel comfortable when I have the same schedule every day: I got up in the morning, had a training session, took a break, trained, evening. That is, it seems to be busy all day, but at the same time a clear schedule every day.

And here one day – I have the exam, the second day – some kind of event, the third day – shooting. And for me, it was also a new schedule, unusual – maybe, to some extent, tiring. But it was also very interesting. In principle, every day there were some things to do, and now – I escaped to train, ha ha.

Didn’t you go on the ice at all on vacation?

Anna Shcherbakova: Of course, in any free half-day I came to Khrustalny and trained. Tried, so not to come here (to the training camp – ed) and completely disappoint the coaches. To start the restoration work myself, so to say.

You have a big tour coming up.

Anna Shcherbakova: Yes, there will be 22 performances in a month, I will skate 2 numbers in each show. It happened to me that in the summer there were shows before the first junior and first senior seasons, I went to shows in Japan.

And when you are still not in the most optimal shape, it helps you to get ready as much as possible – when you understand that it is no longer possible to go to training and restore everything a little bit.

There is already a responsibility to the audience who came to watch, so I think that this will also be a great experience for me. Plus a lot of performances at once. Let’s see.

Will there be time to prepare for the season?

Anna Shcherbakova: Of course, before each show there will be necessarily both trainings and run-throughs of show numbers. It turns out that at the end of the season we went to the show – this is also a huge load, it is different from the training, where just the work is constantly going on. There are a lot of performances here – in principle, it is also a very useful activity.

I’m not saying that this is only hard work – it helps to get in shape, while this is Sochi, great weather, you can go for a walk and at the same time this is a performance with the audience every time, who no matter how tired you are – when in at the end of the final exit, when the big stands – everyone supports you, applauds.

It is very pleasant, it gives energy. Therefore, I look forward to this moment, but at the same time I know that I, of course, need more time to prepare.

About communicating with other skaters in training.

Anna Shcherbakova: There is no such thing that we train each other, but some friendly advice, when, for example, someone fails to do something…

We basically don’t have any big mistakes in jumps – basically we just [discuss] how to set yourself up to a jump, what helps to invest in the jump as much as possible. We consult: “this is how I do it”, “and this is how I do it”. Maybe something helps.

For example, it helps me if someone looks at me – I feel some kind of responsibility. Sometimes I just aks [Zagitova]: “Alina, look, please, now I have to enter this jump.” She looks and it turn outs.


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