Anna Shcherbakova: “In the Olympic season, I weighed myself 50 times a day, I had to know how much I weighed every second throughout the day.”

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Translation of Anna Shcherbakova’ ‘s comments about weight control in sports.

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“Gymnasts, figure skaters, ballet dancers all know this topic very well, everyone will understand that from childhood, you always watch your weight. We had weigh-ins every day. I probably started weighing myself at the age of 7.

But I am, you could say, one of the lucky girls: I had no problems until a certain age. I know girls who limit themselves in something from the age of 9. I didn’t think about it at all until I was 15 or 16.

At 17, I entered transitional age – it was the Olympic season. And I faced the problem for the first time that I needed to lose weight, and everything that used to work no longer worked. That season, I was very strict with my diet.

I had a weight I had to adhere to: 42 kilograms at a height of 161. In the offseason and before this season, I had an injury, which caused me to gain 3-4 kilograms. It was incredibly critical.

How did I cope? The surest way, as everyone says, is not to eat. At that moment, my main problem was that I thought food was the enemy, and with every meal, I felt like I was harming myself. And after any meal that seemed like an excess to me, you put on everything and go to the gym again,” Shcherbakova said on the show “Tonight” on Channel One.

“I tried counting calories, but I started to get too obsessed. Now I look at food; I already have a scanner in my head; I multiplied everything. The goal is always to reduce; I want fewer calories.

I always had weigh-ins. I weighed myself 50 times a day; now I’m used to it – I weigh myself once a day, and even that is difficult for me. During active competitions, I had to know how much I weighed every second throughout the day,” added the figure skater.


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