Anna Shcherbakova: “I believe that the World Championships will be held, because all this should not be in vain.”

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Anna Shcherbakova about her emotions after her victory at the Russian Nationals 2021.

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Anna Shcherbakova: After these competitions, reading what the viewers and fans write, I also could have tears. Because people felt the same thing that I felt, embraced it.

I always want to share my joy and other emotions with someone. And now I have a complete feeling that an unreal number of people shared the emotions with me. Perhaps many worried about me even more than I worried about myself. Of course, this is just incredible.

Viewers see this story, that it is not as easy as it sometimes seems. Because when everything is going very well, sometimes the audience does not have such enthusiastic emotions. When it seems that all this is easily gotten.

And when one after another the girls show such skating – you can see the battle, what we go through, what kind of competition we have, how hard these performances sometimes are.

Many people were worried after the short program that I was breathing heavily. If I had not performed at these competitions, they simply would not have seen, but I would have been breathing heavily in training in the same way, preparing the programs. And every day would have redone them several times.

This is how programs are being prepared so that they (the audience) do not see how heavily we breathe. When they see that the program is over and the athlete is not very tired, this does not mean that it is not difficult.

This means that in training the skater has gone through this fatigue, breathed heavily, barely completed the program. But he did it so many times to bring it to this state.

Perhaps, just yesterday and the day before yesterday, many saw what often remains in training.

About World Championships

Anna Shcherbakova: I really hope, I believe that the World Championships will be held, because all this should not be in vain. I perceived the Russian Nationals not as a final point, but as a qualifying stage for the Worlds. Of course, everything turned out very loudly, and so many emotions, as if everything really ended. Yes, I’ve overcame this moment – this is a good ending of this competitions, but this should be exactly the beginning of something more, it should not be the end, I believe.

I have satisfaction that I qualified and gave my best, despite the condition, without any indulgences to myself, I did not make the program easier, skated on the maximum I wanted. I would like to prepare for the World Championships with the same attitude without hesitation whether it will be held or not, what if suddenly it’s all in vain. I think if it is canceled for a second time, it will be much harder. Therefore, I want this happy ending at the end of the season to happen.

source: Channel 1, text


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