Anna Pogorilaya: short program season 2017-2018

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Anna Pogorilaya showed up at Russian inner competition. She competed only in short program, got 69,80 and became third after Polina Tsurskaya and Stanislava Konstantinova. Then Anna withdrew from the free program due to problems with her back.

Let’s discuss her short program:

video by Epic Skating

First, what I do like about this program. I like the idea to give Anna Spanish music and I like the music cut. I like that Anna tries to think about her arms and in generall the program turned out lovely and tasteful (however, I can see some moves borrowed from her last season’s tango). What I don’t like about this program……well Anna is a personality on ice, she’s emotional and bright skater, but this program doesn’t show that. I think Anna needs something more powerful and bright.

As for the dress……

Anna Pogorilaya

photo by Mikhail Sharov

Oh hello Kaitlyn!

Personally, I prefer Kaitlyn’s dress. Her dress is executed much better! And the original is always better than a copy. Especially the finishing on the bodice. Anna should think how to rework it, because on video sometimes it seems that she’s skating topless.

As for withdrawal from the free program:

After a short program, I felt pain in my back, so I had to interrupt the competition. Now we are going to Moscow, I will heal my back and will prepare for the Grand Prix. No changes in plans. – Anna said.



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2 Responses to “Anna Pogorilaya: short program season 2017-2018”

  1. jimmbboe says:

    All the best to Anna but this is an ominous start to the Olympic season.

  2. Carina says:

    “because on video sometimes it seems that she’s skating topless” Exactly what I thought when I saw the video! It seems that red is very popular this season… Personally I also prefer Kaitlyn’s dress too.

    Happy to see Anna back on the ice, but hopefully she can get back into competition shape before the grand prix begins

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