Anna Pogorilaya: happy that I have such life and not another.

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April 10 Anna Pogorilaya turned 18! She already made a present to herself, by winning the bronze medal at World Championships. Here’s an interview with Anna. Real fighter, great skater and just beautiful girl!

After the European Championships, answering the question whether she liked the rays of glory, Anna said: “It´s great when you’re invited everywhere, people remember about you. However, when remember too much – it’s hard.” No doubt that after success at Worlds Anna will be even more famous)

Anna, couple of seasons ago you told – ” I’m ready that tension will grow with success. You just need not to worry about every occasion. Don’t feel sorry for anyone too much – that’s life, different things happens. Also – to take easier other people’s words, views, and not to come with your negative to others.” Generally, you had the complete theory of behavior. Can you do it on practice?

Anna: Slowly, I’m still learning.

So, even with such a competent attitude you still can, for example, make a scandal?

Anna:  Maybe before, I could, but I was stopped. And with the years I understood that everything can be told with normal words. And you will understand you. If they don’t, than no matter shout or don’t shout, they won’t understand you.

Anna Pogorilaya

Unlike Evgenia Medvedeva and Elena Radionova – you’re a student. How the new life met you?

Anna: Actually, I don’t notice someone there, to university I came only to find the teacher and did my studies. I don’t see the rest of it, because all the time I run back and forth. Looking, looking, looking. I know many guys from the university, but can’t catch up with them often. I know many skaters, but can’t expand the circle of acquaintances yet. But I came to university not for this. I already have enough friends, not only from the sport.

Aren’t there any regrets that many things passe by you?

Anna:  I’m happy that I have such life and not another. Maybe I just don’t know a different life, and I don’t want to know it yet. When you’re in sports, in work, you never have an idea that life is passing you by. Life is here, in my travels to different cities, in my meetings with different people. Even not to say about the emotions I experience. Maybe, someone loses and we find?

Anna Pogorilaya

Gorgeous falls that happened at the last European Championship …

Anna: Thanks

That’s right, you smile, talking about it.

Anna:  I was even very, very happy after that performance.


Anna: After all, I didn’t dwell. So, it’s possible to get something even from such performance. Everyone asks me “But it’s so painful, how did you skate and even did elements?” And I felt no pain, nothing like that. I remember Japan, when after the fall for the first time everything was fine, and then the adrenaline was gone and I could not do anything – no to turn or sit normally. Here (at Europeans) everything was ok. In fact, the fall – it’s not the loss of concentration, as many think. In Bratislava I was so concentrated that “screwed” myself ahead of time. I was very well prepared, but not calm enough. Everything comes gradually. When I had an awkward age, and no one actually has known me, I also had some problems. Other sensations appeared, although, I hadn’t a sharp grows. Loss of coordination did happened, with the coach we even joke sometimes: don’t feel the jumps, it’s necessary to measure my height. But I’ve adapted quickly. It’s impossible to accumulate experience in one day.

Anna Pogorilaya

Your coach and you are very creative. Both your numbers for gala: to Conchita Wurst and “Tango in the madhouse” to the music of Schnittke are great.

Anna: From childhood I’ve been working with choreographers, each gave me something. At the beginning, Anna Vladimirovna (Tsareva) was conducting all the classes, and choreography as well. Now we are working with Victor Adonev. If a team is close-knit, the creativeness comes itself. My mother found the music of Schnittke, with a choreographer we came up with a new theme and character. It was the case, when everything came together itself. A dancer got to a lunatic asylum, she wants to escape from there, but the illness doesn’t let her go. She suffers, suffers and the memories rushed her, how she was dancing tango on the stage. And I’m happy, literally dissolve in this dance. I get buzz from this program. I have already told once that my mother, who knows it, sent me a message after gala in Bratislava, “Anna, thank you so much!”.

And before, had sent another – “Anna, If you fall again……”

Anna: Mum worries very much about me, and will always worry. As I gradually poured into figure skating, so did my mother. At every practice she was learning with me. In fact, she didn’t give me to the sport, so I became a champion. Just at home I was running on the walls, it was necessary to give a meaning to my energy. Because in the four walls, I was like a young one. Mum doesn’t skate.  When I was little, she came on outdoor rinks, with my father and me, however, she was walking not skating. My parents are not related to sports. Although, father is an avid fan. He looks protocols, knows everything.

Anna Pogorilaya

Today in women’s team prevails some crazy purposefulness

Anna: Because the competition is very high, there are so many of us. It motivates.

There is a competition in any professional field in the world. But someone still remains lying on the couch. And according to you, you are all perfectly setted to the complete dedication.

Anna: I think now is such a generation in Russia. Ideal people still do not exist. Good, that there are a lot of knowledgeable people around. Of course, you have a choice – whom to listen and whom do not. I always have a coach, who can always advise me the right decision. It is always interesting to work with Viktor Nikolaevich Kudryavtsev. I love it when everything falls into a place. And then at competitions it’s simple: it is necessary to go out and don’t think about anything, just show what you can, to drive away those extra thoughts. However, this “simple” can be very difficult.

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all photos from Anna’s Instagram account: annapogorilaya


You know, it was a great pleasure to translate this interview. Anna is incredibly interesting girl and has pretty mature thoughts as for her young age. I’m really impressed. I also want to add about her dad. He used to write on one figure skating resource, and he was really good in statistics and data! Unfortunately, he stopped writing there when Anna reached serious level of competition. Probably that was a right idea. But I really don’t worry for Anna’s future, because her parents have the full understanding of the process. Good luck to them!

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