Anjelika Krylova: We are doing a tremendous job and it should be judged appropriately

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Anjelika Krylova shared her opinion about the problems with judging in figure skating, as well as the difficulties to appeal.

Anjelika Krylova: The judges began to judge very strange. For example Papadakis and Cizeron get +5 for each element, and it is almost impossible for other pairs to get such scores. And no one understands well how the new system works. The French are given positive GOE for failed elements. Therefore, we are talking about the subjectivity of the existing system. This is wrong, it should not be so.

The system itself is fine, the matter is in people who use it for their own purposes. It is clear that every country wants to support its athletes, it has always been so and always will be. Moreover, when everyone skates on the same level, there are opportunities for various kinds of schemes. But there must be a sense of proportion!

Appeals are just a waste of energy. I had cases of biased judging of my athletes, and I could not help them in any way. When the scores are approved, we no longer can to appeal. I applied once, but then smart people told me that it’s better not to do this anymore … If I want to continue coaching.

Athletes come to us after competitions and ask how it happened. Why did we lose? We must explain them something, but we ourselves do not know what to say. Sometimes one mistake affects the rest of your career. So I had with a Canadian pair. They did not make it to the Grand Prix Final because of the mistake with levels.

We need explanations from the judges, punishment, disqualification… We are doing a tremendous job and it should be judges
appropriately. If there is no such explanation, then such incompetent judges should not be allowed to work anymore.



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