Anjelika Krylova and Pasquale Camerlengo: we complement each other very well

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Interview with Anjelika Krylova and Pasquale Camerlengo. About their group, Turkish pair Alisa Agafonova Alper Ucar and why they don’t have any Russian team.

Anjelika, you have such an interesting ice dance team Alisa Agafonova and Alper Uçar.

– Yes, the guys are very interesting. We have to work with blazing energy peculiar to the partner. This on one hand helps in terms of individual style of this duet. But sometimes Alper’s energy is excessive. Alisa’s femininity and beauty, emphasizes the special style of the duo. Guys are working with us since January. Now we complete the process getting used to each other. But this pair is very talented, with good abilities.

But there are other pairs in your group.

–  We have a group of pairs. We work only with ice dancers. They are young Americans, the fifth US dance team Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean-Luc Baker, who placed 6 at the Grand Prix in Canada a week ago, and two strongest Chinese duos. And a lot of promising young pairs.

Continuously in Russian Internet spreads an information about your cooperation with other Russian specialists Marina Zoueva and Igor Shpilband.

– I want to dispel any rumors. We have a very united by a ten-year joint work alliance with Italian specialist Pasquale Camerlengo. Natalia Annenko also works with us. The only common thing with other Russian specialists is that we are working in Detroit. We have our own professional coaching staff with it’s own style.

Alisa Agafonov Alper Uchar

You don’t have any Russian duos …

– The question is not so easy. Maybe someday the appearance of Russian pair will be possible. But …yet no one of Russian pairs, who has come to America, didn’t have much success. Maybe because the Russians are accustomed to a different system of training process, also Figure Skating Federation of Russia should monitor the preparation and it’s difficult to do far away from home.

Pasquale, a question for you. Isn’t it hard to work with such an energetic person as Anjelika Krylova. After all, you have an Italian temperament. Are there really no disputes in work?

Pasquale: – We have creativity. Of course we have Disputes. But disputes are creative. We have common interests, and we will always find the truth in any dispute. Moreover, we have a kind of division in the training process. Anjelica is a coach and organizer. She’s exellent with all the organizational issues. And she works a lot on skating technique. I’m more connected with choreography, selection of music, etc. Therefore, we complement each other very well.

Anjelika: – Pasquale is a very creative coach. He likes to work on the details, musicality, relationships between the partners in the dance. I do more technical side of training. Edges, clean turns, softness of skating, unison of pairs. I want to keep Russian traditions of smooth skating in ice dancing. I also do plans for and daily training for coaches and each pair in our group. All this is very individual. Also, as Pasquale, I do choreography.


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