Anastasia Skoptsova: “No pattern? Maybe that’s because all top ice dancers do these element on level four, and it no longer make such a sense.”

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Ice dancer Anastasia Skoptsova expressed her opinion about the innovations in rules for ice dance for the upcoming season.

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Anastasia Skoptsova: Everyone is interested in this new assisted jumps, but the revolution takes place in the rhythm dance. I won’t call it scary, but for me, as for a student of Svetlana Lvovna Alekseeva, who has always been an adherent of the basics of figure skating, figures, bases … We do basic exercises every off-season: after all before there were figures, these circles you skate around. There was a whole discipline that was judged. Right now, for example, we had a day when there were these circles – the so-called numbers, and then there was a la free dance. And we’ve always done that. And the mandatory pattern dance reflected the level of the athlete.

In figure skating you can disguise anything: in a free dance, you can hide something with a choreography, costumes, something else. But when all pairs start making the same steps in the same positions – last season it was the blues – you can immediately see the difference, you can immediately see who can hold the position and who can’t, you can immediately see who glides. This immediately distinguished those who skate really well.

Pattern dance is a hallmark. Plus, Russian pairs have always been very famous for their strong school. And in this upcoming season, seniors will not have a pattern dance (juniors will have a tango). That is, there will be a choreographic step sequence in rhythm dance, there will be a step sequence in a hold with a partner, there will be lift, twizzles, a regular step sequence – parallel, as happens in rhythm dance – and there will also be this so-called choreographic step sequence. Same as we do in a free dance, the same will be in rhythm dance. There will be no rumba, no compulsory dance.

Therefore, it is very interesting, these are big changes. It is strange that they decided to do this immediately in seniors, and not in the juniors. Maybe this is due to the fact that the world’s top ice dances are now at such a level that everyone does these elements, this compulsory dance on level four, and they no longer make such a sense. Well, probably … Although for me, as an adherent of the old school – because my coach is like that, I’m like that – this is new, it’s strange. I don’t know how without it, many athletes have already started to prepare rumba – for several months there are rumors about what kind of dance we will have. We discussed the possibility of no pattern with a coach, but we thought that it would be in four years – this is a very serious step, I think. In fact, we will see two free programs – one will just have a chosen music and a dance style. Everything goes to this.


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