“All season we were making fun of foreign pairs, but it becomes clear that pair skating in the “non-Russian” space isn’t a stagnation, but a clear moving forward.” Russian journalist Elena Vaitsekhovskaya

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Russian sports journalist Elena Vaitsekhovskaya about the level of competition in pair skating at international events.

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On the eve, the Japanese pair Riku Miura – Ryuichi Kihara won the short program at the Four Continents Championships in Colorado Springs.

“All season we were making fun of foreign pairs from the heights of domestic pair skating, saying that they were not even close to the Russian ones. But in fact, it’s a process of import substitution that’s happening now.

Like it was with parmesan and sausages, which, at the very least, we first learned to produce in Russia and then brought to a decent and quite comparable quality with imported products.

The Japanese pair Miura / Kihara are generally good in this regard, despite the failure of the jump in the short program and the loss of a large number of points on it, and the 40-year-old Canadian young lady Stellato-Dudek and Maxim Deschamps are adding quality, so I want to talk about the skating of this pair rather than her exotic for this sport age.

Actually, it becomes clear that pair skating in the “non-Russian” space is not a stagnation, but a clear moving forward. Not too fast, but still. Of course, this discipline of figure skating has lost a lot. But, as it turns out, it also gained something… ” Vaitsekhovskaya posted in her telegram channel.


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