Alina Zagitova: I wouldn’t have achieved such success without my family

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Alina Zagitova about her motivation to continue her sports career.


Alina: I won the gold medal at the Olympics in Pyeongchang, I have more attention now, but my life hasn’t changed much. I’m the same as before the Olympics. However, during the time between Pyeongchang and this World Championships I gained a lot of experience. It was hard, but now I think that I needed that time to win this year.

Since childhood I’ve liked to be on the podium and get medals. Because of this I can survive hard training days. When I stand on the podium after a good performance, I feel that I want to achieve even better results. This is the biggest motivation for me. There are many cases when you cannot solve a problem easily, or when you cannot do it well, even if you know the right solution.

Since childhood, my parents have always told me that there is a saying that “No pains, no gains”. This I always kept in mind. Of course, I wouldn’t have achieved such success without my family. If you want to do something, believe that you can do it, then your dreams will come true.

I draw pictures, post on Instagram and play with my beloved dog Masaru, but now I don’t have rest. I can’t even imagine a life without figure skating, I live a life full of figure skating. It’s important to build up this path, and I want to show the programs without mistakes, like in the 17/18 season, to skate well and make the audience happy.


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