Alina Zagitova: I like Selena Gomez, I like her style in clothes and life

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Short interview with Alina Zagitova for

As a child I gave up skating seven times. I was just a kid and wanted to play on the playground and meet with friends like all children. But every time I came back, and when I came back for the seventh time, I decided that that’s all I’m staying.

If you set a goal and go to it, then this goal motivates you.

After the Olympics, I started writing a book, but then I changed my mind, because my sporting life was not over and I would have many more interesting events that I could tell about in the book. A lot of funny and sad things, some tips how to behave in training and before going to the ice. I’ll tell how I survived it all.

Puma’s motto is #be yourself! For me, it means being sincere and never pretending!

After the competition, I give stuffed toys to orphanages, because I just can’t take so many toys. In addition, I wanted to do something good for children, because, it seems to me, they need it. This is another motivation to do something. I usually take home the collages that children do with their own hands, this is very nice.

The happiest moment is winning the Olympics. There were many other happy moments, but this one is the brightest.

After school I’ll probably study to become a coach. First, I thought about the medical university, but I’m a professional athlete and spend little time at school, I’ll have to catch up a lot. Therefore, most likely, it will be coaching work.

I listen to cheerful music to cheer myself up. If I do not want to train, the music gives me strength.

I like Selena Gomez, I like her style in clothes and life. I often take an example from her. She has overcome great difficulties and it is inspiring.

The hardest thing in figure skating is …Probably to get ready for the performance. You go on the ice, take a starting pose and you understand – it’s no longer possible to run away! At the Olympics, before the team event, I wanted to run away. There were so many people and so many cameras, I understood that the whole country was looking at me. But at the individual event, I was ready. I’d been training so much that it was impossible to skate badly.

I’m glad that I have become Puma ambassador, because now they help me find my own style, choose clothes, combine colors. For example, I never wore pink before!



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