Alina Zagitova: I keep my plan in my head and try to fulfill it

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Alina Zagitova about winning Grand Prix Final 2017.

Alina, congratulations. A few words about your performance at the Grand prix Final.

– I am satisfied with my performance. There were small mistakes, on my, lets say, best jumps. In fact, ideal performances almost don’t exist. There is always something to work on. Each athlete will tell you that there are always some small mistakes in the programs, you can always improve something. It may sound banal, but there is no limit to perfection.

Evgenia Medvedeva was unable to compete here because of injury. The fact that you stayed without a more experienced teammate, did it add additional pressure?

– Since Zhenya and I have competed together only at one competition, and this was the RussianNationals last year, I did not feel anything like this here. I want to wish her to get well soon.

In the short program you skated in an “improved” costume. Did you also shortened the tutu for the free program?

– No, this costume remained the same.

You have been skating Don Quixote for the second season. And, despite the fact that all the jumps you have in the second part of the program, the music is chosen so cool that it gives the impression that it drives you forward?

– Music plays a very important role for me. In the free program, music motivates me, viewers join. This all helps very much during the performance.

If you compare the two Grand Prix finals, last year’s and this one.

– Both were hard, because last year I made my debut, and it was difficult for me. This year I also make my debut, but at senior competitions. And this is also not easy.

How important are the results of this Finale for you?

–  Every competition is very important for me. The Russian National Championship is soon. And the national championship is a very serious competition for me. I will try to skate both programs well there and to give the audience a nice, beautiful performance.

Reveal the secret, how do your trainings pass?

– About training I can say that I always come to the ice very focused, I keep my plan in my head and try to fulfill it.

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