Alina Zagitova: “At the Olympics, we were weighed in the morning, afternoon and evening.”

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Alina Zagitova about nutrition in sports.

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source: Lyasan Utiasheva’s youtube channel

Are you, like rhythmic gymnasts, weighed 8 times a day?

Alina Zagitova: We are weighed once a day, but after lunch. Of course we don’t have lunch. It was like this: we’ll weigh ourselves, and then we’ll have something to eat and go skating with a full stomach. At the Olympics, we were weighed in the morning, afternoon and evening. At the Games, I weighed 42.5 kg, my height was 1.56m.

At the Olympics you weighed 42 kg, how much did you gain?

Alina Zagitova: After the Games in the off-season, you still get a little weight, because you almost don’t train. I put on a kilo. After the Olympics and such a disastrous Worlds, my coach told me to lose weight even on vacation. I took a picture of the scales and send it to the coach. It turned out that I put on only a kilogram. And then it seemed ‘A kilo, damn it! I need to lose weight by any means!’ Do not eat, do not drink, go to the gym, run. First, first put on a cream, then wrap in film …

‘You can’t be beautiful until you feel beautiful.’ Chuck Palahniuk

Alina Zagitova: I experienced it myself, because there were complexes, and weight – there was a puberty period, and growing up, not understanding what you want, you are looking for new discoveries in yourself, you discover something, something not.

Until I started to love my body, for example, I did not lose weight. I couldn’t accept myself. But in this regard, my parents helped me a lot. Therefore, parents are our everything.


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