Alexei Zheleznyakov: “I publicly insulted, publicly apologized, but I’m not going to crawl on my knees and apologize personally. There won’t be a fight.”

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In case you got bored, here’s another round of Russian “Duel club” drama Zheleznyakov vs Plushenko. This time “Duelists and their wives”.

Recently the choreographer of the Eteri Tutberidze group Alexei Zheleznyakov has posted another speach on his vk page and said that the fight with Evgeni Plushenko would not take place.

Alexei Zheleznyakov: Provocative interviews continue, some people write me in direct, provoking me to fight. Let’s dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s”, and we will close this topic.

When this all happened, it was emotionally clouded decision and I wrote what I wrote. Then the information was not confirmed, since I was not provided with evidence, and, of course, I had to apologize. I publicly insulted, publicly apologized, but I’m not going to crawl on my knees and apologize personally.

And now about the fight. After my post, there was a lot of communication with close and dear people who wisely explained the situation, how it all could end.

Guys, I know perfectly well that Evgeni is a good, well prepared opponent in the ring. I knew who I was challenging, but I’m not a whipping boy either, I did judo for a lot of time, I have good skills in hand-to-hand combat and at the moment I’m in excellent physical shape.

And now food for thought. Words of my beloved and wise wife.

“Well, you will fight in the ring, both of you will satisfy your male ambitions, maybe he will cripple you, maybe you will. And have you wondered what would happen if Evgeni’s back flies apart in this fight and everything ends with disability, in such case you ruin his life and yours, and we have a family and children who need to be raised.

I know what you’re capable of in a fight, please don’t do it. They will drag you around all sorts of courts after that.”

These are the words of my wife, and she is right. Well, we will entertain the audience, the PR will be huge, we will earn money, as Mrs. Rudkovskaya wants, the ratings will soar into space.

Well, now a question to the dear Yana Rudkovskaya, are you really ready to put your husband in the ring for the sake of fleeting glory and earnings, without thinking about the consequences?

I am not an evil person, and I have a hypertrophied sense of justice, but our emotions sometimes make us make mistakes. But at the same time, I had the strength to apologize to Evgeni and take the words back, and you yearn for a fight.

For the sake of my relatives, close and loved ones, I will not do this, apologies have been made in the public field, and here the topic is closed once and for all. There won’t be a fight.

P.S. I’ll better go to work, we will sort things out on the ice, at competitions.

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and a comment from Evgeni Plushenko’s wife Yana Rudkovskaya

Yana Rudkovskaya: Zheleznyakov could have become famous as a man who fought with Plushenko not on the ice, but in the ring. But he became famous only for just talking about it. My husband is a man. And he definitely doesn’t need PR, everyone knows him. The words of the wise wife were late. It seems to me that her advice would have been appropriate when Mr. Zheleznyakov was writing this post. That’s when it was necessary to think about their future and Plushenko’s health. And not when it’s done. As for personal apologies, this is not falling down at someone’s feet begging, but elementary manners. Actually, everyone foreshadowed such an outcome. But I thought that there’re still men among choreographers in Russian figure skating, but I was wrong! Well, it happens! (Laughs)

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One response to “Alexei Zheleznyakov: “I publicly insulted, publicly apologized, but I’m not going to crawl on my knees and apologize personally. There won’t be a fight.””

  1. Carolina says:

    Who is Mr. Zhelesnjakov and who is Jewegeni Plushenkow? That is the question and also the answer. I don’t know Mr. Zheles….. I’ve never heard about special successes of him. What has he to do with Plushi? A little respect would be good.

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