Alexei Zheleznyakov apologized to Evgeni Plushenko for challenging him to a duel

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Choreographer of Team Tutberidze Alexei Zheleznyakov apologized to two-time Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko for challenging him to a duel. Plushenko commented on this apology.

Alexei Zheleznyakov: Friends, I want to make a small statement on the conflict that happened.

There are some people who provoked the situation, talked about Evgeni, slandered him and brought false information to me, which made me furious and I wrote the previous post.

Later it turned out that this was not true and Evgeni did not utter bad words in my address, and now I do not look nice.

But be that as it may, after that I am obliged to apologize and take my words back.

Yes, the provocation did not turn out for the better, and I apologize for my incontinence towards Evgeni Plushenko.

I hope you can understand me

That’s what Alexei Zheleznyakov wrote on his page in vk social network.

and a comment from Evgeni Plushenko

Evgeni Plushenko: Saw this post. I accept only a personal conversation and a personal apology. He has my number, let him call and tell what happened. Someone told him, someone did something to him. These’re some childish stories. And when things are getting dicey – he backs off. We must be responsible for our words. If you’re a man, then you need to answer for your words. Perhaps someone really misled him. However, before speaking nasty things about me, it was necessary to weigh the pros and cons.



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One response to “Alexei Zheleznyakov apologized to Evgeni Plushenko for challenging him to a duel”

  1. Renate says:

    Yes- Plushenko is totally right. Only a personal apology, a personal dialog is here demanded. Nothing else.

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