Alexei Urmanov: Not everyone can stand the test of fame and move on

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We haven’t heard anything about Julia Lipnitskaia recently, so I thought that small comment from her coach Alexei Urmanov might be interesting.

Urmanov told how the popularity after Sochi 2014 affected Julia’s career:

Firstly, she’s cute little girl who performed at the Olympics. Second, this cute little girl performed at home. And thirdly, she strongly touched fans and even not fans of figure skating with her “Schindler’s List” program.

Julia Lipnitskaya is already a big name, it’s a fact. Regarding the Olympic Games and how it affected her, let’s just understand that it’s very hard to stand the test of fame.  Not everyone can  deal with it quickly and move on.

Therefore, I’m just stating the fact that the Olympics has affected her further development in sport. – Urmanov said.

Well, that doesn’t sound optimistic at all……


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One response to “Alexei Urmanov: Not everyone can stand the test of fame and move on”

  1. jimmbboe says:

    Wishing all the best for Julia!

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