Alexei Rogonov teamed up with Alina Ustimkina

Posted on 2018-08-01 • 2 comments


After Kristina Astakhova decided to finish her career Alexei was looking for a new partner and it seems he found one.

We have been training for ten days now, we’re trying to put together elements, we have not done any programs yet. I hope that all leading to a partnership. We tried to skate together when I was in Yekaterinburg, then I tried out with other girls, even went abroad. Alina came to skate on July 18.

It’s too early to talk about any competitions, because we need to get everything together. I hope soon there will be good news. – Rogonov said

It was very unexpected. He called me. I listened to everything he said to me, and I have been thinking for a very long time. Alexei also has been thinking for a long time. But after all we decided. – Ustimkina said.

New pair will train under the guidance of Artur Dmitriev. Previously Alina (age 17)  skated with Nikita Volodin, but their pair splitted up in March.


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2 Responses to “Alexei Rogonov teamed up with Alina Ustimkina”

  1. jimmbboe says:

    Good luck to them!

  2. Mad for Skating says:

    I’m super excited about this! I love Rogonov and I’m so glad he found a partner so quickly. I wish them all the best!

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