Alexei Mishin’s seminar in China

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The group of famous Russian figure skating coach Alexei Mishin held in Beijing a seminar for local athletes and coaches. He was invited by National Olympic Committee of China. According to Mishin more than 50 Chinese coaches, as well as almost all the Chinese skaters attended the seminar, that started on July 4. 

I didn’t expect that this event will get such a huge interest. The seminar was attended by more than 50 coaches, and that’s not counting the athletes. Young athlets of our group – Andrei Kutovoi, Evgeni Semenenko and Alisa Lozko came with me to China with to compare their forces. – Mishin told.

He also told that Chinese athletes surprised him with their self-dependence:

Indicative detail – athletes at the training camp clean for themselves, wash dishes. There is zero snobbery and absolute self-dependence, the same in relation to the work -.. In China each is a coach for himself, we’ve noticed a lot of useful things for us.

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Misha Ge was also an active participant of this seminar. He posted on his Instagram:

Its a wrap! Misha Ge with CSA : 1st Alexei Mishin Chinese National Training Camp is Success ! Its been few hard weeks of preparation and organizing for this camp to make it happen. To invite Professor and my Teacher Alexei Mishin to China with his skaters trough His busy schedule. And to bring most of Chinese coaches and skaters from all around China to Beijing (which in total was over 70 people). Its been an honor to be : Manager, Organizer, Translator, Choreographer and Student for this great event.

Misha also posted some great photos:

Misha Ge, Alexei Mishin

Figure skating legends: Alexei Mishin and Bin Yao:

Bin Yao, Alexei Mishin



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