Alexei Mishin: Those who can’t show the power of the jump, they fetish steps before the jump

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Alexei Mishin about Elizaveta Tuktamysheva’s performance at NHK Trophy 2018.

The minimum task has been solved. As for the maximum, Liza should have made another half of the turn in the sit spin. If Liza had done this, she would have been second and would have beaten the leader of the Japanese team (Miyahara), which means a lot.

About jumps:

They require height of the jump. If you compare Liza’s jumps and her rival’s (Miyahara), then she should get one, or even two points more. How can they get the same bonuses? So she (Miyahara) should get at least 7 points less in technique. And no components can save here.

Transitions into jumps? This is a perverted understanding. Brian Boitano did lutz, passing through the entire rink, now we would have said that’s a simple. Where are mohawks? And do you know where the steps before the lutz came from (difficult transitions into jumps)? They were invented by people who could not jump from a clean “back – outside” arc.

The whole chic of lutz, its whole idea is that a person skates and suddenly starts spinning in the air. If we continue to talk about transitions into jumps, many skaters having a bad double axel start to make a spread eagle before it. This is done in order to hide the low quality of axel. And all these transitions help the athlete to make a small jump, not a big and chic one.

There’s also an artistic value in a powerful run-up before the jump. It happens that a skater makes a chic spread eagle and a chic triple axel after it, but in many cases people just hide the poor quality of the jump with such approach.

Therefore, it is wrong to consider it the apotheosis of technical mastery, because most of the figure skaters after such steps and transitions reduce their speed before the jump and thereby impair the quality of the jump. This can be said about many, the exceptions are the students of Eteri Tutberidze.

Those who can not show the power of the jump, they fetish steps before the jump. But the jumps don’t turn out so bright.

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