Alexei Mishin: there will be an exciting hard-to-predictable battle in Helsinki

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Alexei Mishin about upcoming World Championships. His predictions on men’s and ladies’ competitions:

Once before the Olympic Games in Vancouver, Patrick Chan and Evan Lysacek said: “We do not need a quadruple jump, why do we need it? We will beat Plushenko with transitions.” And then Chan tried (well Mishin used another word, I even don’t know whether it’ll make any sense in English, he said “scratched”) with all his strength to do as many quads as possible. Seven years after, in Helsinki will be an exciting hard-to-predictable battle, but I think that still one additional quad lutz or flip will defeat beauty.

Mishin also thinks that Fernandez still has chances to win gold:

He has good chances, he has two quadruple jumps, the rest should do what they can. Fernandez and Patrick Chan personify the high choreographic level.

This World Championships will show that men’s single skating is the leader among all figure skating disciplines, not only in technique, but also aesthetically. This year there will be an apotheosis, because in the current season the number of quads turned into quality.

by Anatoli Samokhvalov for

About Carolina’s chances to win a medal:

Don’t sing your triumph before you have conquered. We would like to have a little bit of luck. It is very difficult to guess, because we have one athlete, who, of course, is invincible. This is Zhenya (Medvedeva). And if we talk about the other skaters, both ours and in the world, I do not see anyone unbeatable. The forces of the others are approximately equal. I can not say that Carolina is some kind of favorite. She is from the cohort that can perform successfully. I do not refer her to a group of leaders, but I refer her to a group of female athletes who can show a good result.

by Anatoli Samokhvalov for


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