Alexei Mishin: The system of regional competition calls into question the observance of the sporting principle

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Tatiana Tarasova and Alexei Mishin commented on the decision of the ISU to hold the Grand Prix series.

The Grand Prix will take place, despite the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. In the 2020/21 season, the participants of each Gran Prix will be divided into three categories – athletes who live in the hosting country, train in this country and those who will receive permission to come to the competitions.

Tatiana Tarasova: It’s better than nothing. There is still time, for three months people will train knowing the date of the first Grand Prix. I think this is not bad for today’s situation when there is nothing at all.

Skaters need to gain back the practice of performing, to see everyone’s programs, look at competitors, at marks. It is very important. I don’t think that all this is unnecessary.

I’m very glad that we have kept the Grand Prix for today. And the juniors will go to the junior series, to the stages of the Russian Cup. There is nothing wrong with that. We worked like this for many years, we did not have Grand Prix and it was ok, we got to the European and World championships and won there.

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Alexei Mishin: This is joyous. I think that movement is life, and stopping is death.

The Grand Prix series is the sun shine in the sky of the figure skating world. I am sure that skaters will skate well.


Mishin also told about the difficulties that may arise in connection with the national format of the Grand Prix series.

Alexei Mishin: I think that the intentions of the ISU are good. But taking into account uncertainties arising due to this format, at least for me, I do not know where these intentions will lead.

For me, as a coach, whose athletes can participate in the Grand Prix, the existing intentions are really good, but the difficulties that will arise in determining the format of the competition are alarming.

The first thing that confuses me is the system of regional competition, which calls into question the observance of the sporting principle and hardly coincides with the spirit and letter of the ISU charter. I understand perfectly well that misrepresentation of the sports principle may be a forced curtsy of the ISU due to the pandemic.



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