Alexei Mishin: “The isolation of our skaters from the rest of the world is certainly negative, but not fatal.”

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Alexei Mishin told what his group is doing in isolation.

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source: dd. 10th March 2022 by Anton Volkov

Alexei Mishin: For now, we live as in the situation from the song: “Dark night, only bullets whistle across the steppe…” We don’t know what will happen next. We’ll practice, what else can we do? I can’t do anything else, so I will work as a coach.

How long can a high-level athlete stay in shape in isolation and without the usual competition? For a long time. The lack of competition from foreign competitors does not hurt us much. Two or three stars will now leave, and the rest of them are of the same level. It’s about men’s single skating.

The boy took eighth place at the Beijing Olympics. Is it good or bad? On the one hand, it is bad that he is not a champion. On the other hand, there are only seven skaters ahead of him. The leaders will leave – the fifth place will be already close. The rest of the guys move forward. The hegemony of the elderly is collapsing in sports in an instant.

The isolation of our skaters from the rest of the world is certainly negative, but not fatal. When Russian gladiators are released again onto the international arena, already with an open visor, they will show their strength.


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6 Responses to “Alexei Mishin: “The isolation of our skaters from the rest of the world is certainly negative, but not fatal.””

  1. Gary says:

    Stop eschewing the party line ! I thought you were far beyond the old Soviet propaganda. Mr. Mishin you know better and the fact that you cannot say what is obvious just shows how bad it is in Russia today. Unfortunately, You all deserve what is happening to you and there is no one to blame but your comrade President. So disappointing! I actually bought your book and now I regret it.

  2. vladimir says:

    they should be banned for doping anyway and tutberidze girls are getting too old, they will retire soon, I just feel bad for tuktamysheva, she would achieve much more if she was not russian competing with 30kg kids.

  3. Carolina says:

    In Mariupol, Ukraine, Russian tanks take aim at apartment buildings. Blocks of high-rises are smoldering. Fields are pockmarked from artillery rounds. Doctors dodge sniper fire. The dead are buried in mass graves.

    These are among the terrifying scenes and snapshots that have emerged in recent days from the city on Ukraine’s southeastern coast, an important port coveted by Moscow, which hopes to seize control and use it as a launchpad for troops and supplies. The Kremlin’s forces have surrounded the city for at least 10 days, cutting off from sources of water, electricity and heat, with temperatures plummeting and food running low. Attempts to evacuate have been stalled for days.

    On Saturday, after Russian troops captured Mariupol’s eastern outskirts, additional footage and photographs surfaced, shedding more light on the scope of the devastation there — a city under siege and suffering. Video from an Associated Press journalist still in the city shows Russian tanks repeatedly firing on a nine-story apartment complex. The shells collide with the building and ignite fires inside.

    The AP reporter was shadowing a group of medical workers who came under fire while treating the injured, the news service said.

    In the corridors of a hospital, Anastasia Erashova held a sleeping child and wept. She and her family were sheltering at her brother’s home when it was shelled, she told the AP, and two children were killed. She had blood on her head and a cut on her hand.
    “I don’t know where to run to,” Erashova cried. “Who will bring back our children, who?”

  4. gandolfo says:

    keep it up russian sportsmen and stay away from politics! those full of hate are only being massivly influenced ! but they do not care about atrocities or civilians. other wise they would also raise their voice for the somalians and the syrians and the yemenies who are also being bombed these days . But not a single word, becasuse that is going against the official tide, they are mediocre cowards and hipocrytes that dont deserve a second of your attention

  5. Carolina says:

    Open your eyes good citizens of Russia! The elite who make comments in these times have the access to more than the stories (fairy tales) told to the people of Russia by their government and are shameful for putting heads in the sand. Putin commits atrocities in your name and who cares about a skating show in these times?

  6. Stupidity says:

    Obviously brainwash is powerful weapon.

    One of the biggest Russian media tv channel shows bits and peaces of the War in Ukrain as “ Civil war where Ukrainian separatists fight against each other”….
    Russia remains great country to their citizens and mist probably have no clue what is really going on…

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