Alexei Mishin: Only misfortune can prevent Russian girls to win

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Alexei Mishin about chances of Russian skaters to win medals at the Olympic Games 2018 in Pyeongchang:

 In pairs we have chances to take medals from gold to bronze. Only misfortune can prevent Russian girls to win.

As for men’s single skating …It will be hard for men to fight for a medal, although Kolyada has already shown close results. I regard the chances of our boys to get on the podium as possible, but the gold medal seems hazy to me. Our guys can get on the pedestal. But to take the gold? Only if Old Man Hottabych (wizard from the Russian movie -ed.) infects with measles of all the leading competitors from Japan and other countries. Then we can take the gold. – Mishin said.

Mishin also thinks that in ice dancers will show the result at least two places lower than at the European Championships. and


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