Alexei Mishin: Liza is the guiding star for skaters who are older than 15 and weigh more than 40 kg

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Alexei Mishin about Elizaveta Tuktamysheva’s performance at Grand Prix Skate America 2019.

Alexei Mishin: It is very difficult to compete with Americans on the American continent. Not because Americans are far superior to us, but because at home even the walls help. But of course we will fight to get to the Finals.

But if we talk about the main task, then I would like to note that Liza is now a unique figure skater for Russia and the world. She is the guiding star for those athletes who are older than 15 years old and who weigh more than 40 kilograms. She gives them some hope that they can exist in figure skating. In this regard, she is a key figure who tells them: “Girls, don’t chicken out!, even when you’re more than 20 years old you can be in the top of figure skating.


Alexei Mishin: Not only me, but also other specialists see a lot of positive things in Liza’s skating. She has soft arms, delicate manner of performance. During skating, she doesn’t devour the audience with her eyes, doesn’t ask the public: “Applaud me.” It’s good that there are different performers and different manners of performance.

In Athletics, two of our male jumpers took second and third places at the World Championships. Our fans celebrated the wonderful performance of both of them. And figure skating fans write that the one who took the first place has earned universal approval, and the one who is second is worthless. You know, the time will come when someone will beat the wonderful skater Alena Kostornaia. And then these kind of people, haters, if they still don’t die out due to an epidemic called malice, will also criticize her (Kostornaia) for second place.

Historically, ladies’ single skating has divided into two categories of athletes – young and thin and those who has female body shapes. There is one nuance that fans do not pay attention to. Statistically the number of thin and highly jumping girls in the general contingent is incommensurably less than the amount of girls with a classic female body.

Therefore, an attempt to anathematize more adult skaters will lead to the fact that most Western countries with their mentality and legislation providing for compulsory school attendance will not be able to be represented at serious international competitions. Then we won’t see skaters of such a class like Carolina Kostner, Liza Tuktamysheva and, finally, even Evgenia Medvedeva.



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2 Responses to “Alexei Mishin: Liza is the guiding star for skaters who are older than 15 and weigh more than 40 kg”

  1. Kit Orlandi says:

    Sir Alexei Mishin, always wise, always great and elegant. Thank you!

  2. Kit says:

    Sir Alexei Mishin always wise, always great and elegant. Thank you!

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