Alexei Mishin: From Liza we are waiting the triple axel

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Some update on Alexei Mishin’s group.

Our group now at the training camp in Courchevel. Liza Tuktamysheva prepares for the Universiade, Sasha Petrov for the World Junior Championships, Carolina Kostner for the European Championships. Carolina works on flip and lutz which she has restored but not as good as we would like to. After gathering in Courchevel, she will go to St. Petersburg and from there to Ostrava at European Championships. From Liza we are waiting the triple axel, but I don’t know whether we’ll live to see it. – Mishin said.

Previously Mishin commented about Carolina’s chances at European Championships:

I do not think that in real terms of European Championships she will be dangerous for the Russian skaters.

But Carolina emits a true understanding of figure skating. She was invited to Russia to inspire our skaters, on whom she projects her artistic vision of figure skating. She believes in my technical method of jumps execution like in the Bible. She hasn’t skated for two years and she needed Suvorov. And she came to him.



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  1. jimmbboe says:

    Good luck to Carolina at Europeans!

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