Alexei Mishin: Alexander Petrov shows at competitions what he can

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Alexei Mishin about Alexander Petrov’s preparation for the upcoming season.

Mishin: Petrov took the “Dance with sabers,” Misha Ge helped us to do the main part of the program. We have been practicing this program together with the soloist of the Moiseyev ensemble Ramil Mehdiev. Why Sasha Petrov impresses me? He is one of a rare number of athletes who shows at competitions what they can, unfortunately, very few in the Russian team can do that. He is probably the most stable athlete of his range. This is objective. For the second year he does not give such presents to his competitors, he performs what he has learned, this is a great value.

Quad toe loop already consistent?

– Yes, and we have already started to learn the quad flip. It’s easier with it than with quad toe. It will be ready by the season.

from Elena Diachkova’s interview for


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