Alexei Mishin: “+5” will give an opportunity for broad voluntarism

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Alexei Mishin about changes in rules:

As for “+5”, I still think that this is doubtful decision, it gives an opportunity for broad voluntarism.

If we are talking about a reduction in the cost of quadruples, a reduction in their number and more strict criteria for their evaluation, then this reminds me of the situation that arose before the Games in Vancouver, when one of the main indicators of the athlete’s skill were “transitions”, and the athlete who did not even try to do a quadruple jump became a champion.

In Italy there is a group of aesthetes who come to the opera not at the beginning of the first act, but at the key aria, which they judge and enjoy. Also in figure skating, there is a significant part of the viewers which comes to look at quadruple jumps. For example, the whole year the audience was coming to Liza Tuktamysheva’s performance to see how she would jump the triple axel.


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  1. Bartek says:

    Can You write changes which ISU did?

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