Alexandra Trusova: “Whether I would take part in 2026 Winter Olympics? This is so far away, now I live for today.”

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Alexandra Trusova about quintuple jump, Olympics and “Russian rocket” nickname.

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source: MatchTV

“Quintuple jump? I think it’s possible. There is one person who jumps 4.5 turns. Actually, I tried, but I did not work on it. Not yet, but it’s possible. My favorite jump is lutz.”

Alexandra also answered the question of whether she would take part in the 2026 Winter Olympics. “This is so far away, now I live for today, work, train, perform in shows, now there are a lot of them. In winter there will be “The Little Mermaid”, there will be many more shows now in April.”

“Russian rocket? That’s how the fans called me. Probably because I do a lot of quadruple jumps, and they decided to call me that. I jump high and spin fadt. I like all the nicknames from the fans.” Trusova said


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